Thursday, September 20, 2012

Foodie Friends Friday #13

Welcome back to Foodie Friends Friday!  This week we are doing something a little different.  Our sponsor, Daiya Foods, has provided coupons for their vegan cheese for our give away, and we have created vegan recipes using their cheese.  You should really try this cheese.  It tastes like dairy cheese, and even melts!  This week the coupons will not only go to bloggers, but also to readers!  Four coupons will go to randomly selected bloggers who link, and two will go to randomly selected readers.  Scroll down to the submit button to enter.  It will ask for a url, but you can leave that blank.

Bloggers, if you don't have anything vegan or vegetarian to link up, please link up anyway, BUT if you do have something vegan or vegetarian to link up, please do!

Here is a photo of the Vegan Cheddar Apple Quesadillas I made.  They were yummy!

Now for last week's winners:

Sponsor Gift Winner:
Cinnamon Rolls  from Baker Becky
#1 Voted and #1 Most Clicked:
Plantation Iced Tea from Jenmi Jenmi
#2 Voted:
#2 Most Clicked:
#3 Voted:

Here are our hosts this week:


At September 22, 2012 at 4:47 PM , Blogger Winnie said...

Thanks Michelle for another wonderful party
Hope you're having a relaxing weekend


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From Calculu∫ to Cupcake∫: Foodie Friends Friday #13

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Foodie Friends Friday #13