Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Where I've been all week...

making fondant... lots of fondant.  I apologize for yet another sparse week.  I will make it up to you next week with lots of cake and cupcake recipes.  This week I am preparing to make a wedding cake and cupcakes for a friend, and I really have not done much in the way of other cooking.  But, next week, I will not only be back to cooking, I will have all the wedding recipes ready including the recipe for this fondant!  And, I will still do Foodie Friends Friday this week, and it will be up tomorrow night.  This week should be really exciting because there will be an actual prize for the top three voted recipes, so be sure and come by and see all the great recipes and submit your own if you are a blogger.


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From Calculu∫ to Cupcake∫: Where I've been all week...

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Where I've been all week...