Monday, July 23, 2012

Strawberry Rose Tea Sandwiches

I have been wanting to make these or something like them for a long time.  I saw a photo somewhere online that I thought was of strawberry sandwiches, but you couldn't tell for sure and there were no words, just a photo.  Unfortunately, I can't find that photo, but it got me thinking about strawberry sandwiches, which led to these.  I will give you the recipe for them the way I made them, but this recipe could easily be altered to include different herbs or flavorings.  They are just barely sweet, so if you like things a bit sweeter, add more sugar.  The cream cheese mixture is almost more of a sauce or dressing and would probably make a great fruit dip.  The rose compliments the strawberries nicely, and nothing says tea time like floral flavors.  I am not really giving you a number of servings because that would vary wildly with the size of your cookie cutters, but you should have enough to spread and strawberries to use an entire small loaf of bread.

Strawberry Rose Tea Sandwiches

1 small loaf of mild flavored light colored bread (I used French bread I bought at the farmers' market.)
3 oz. cream cheese
2 tsps. rose water
3 Tbsps. confectioners' sugar
1 lb. strawberries, washed, hulled, and sliced

Mix together cream cheese, rose water, and sugar.  I just stirred mine together with a fork until it was smooth, but you could use a mixer if you want to do it faster.  Cut the bread with cookie cutters into desired desired shapes.  Spread one side of each piece of bread with cream cheese mixture.  You really need it on both bread slices so that it will all stick together.  Lay strawberries on half the pieces of bread over the cream cheese mixture  Top each with the other half of the slices.


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Strawberry Rose Tea Sandwiches