Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Trying to Drink More Water - Orange Ginger Water

So, I'm trying to be more healthy... well, except for the baking thing, but anyway, I really, really, need to drink more water.  The problem is that I don't really like water that much, so this is attempt to remedy the problem.  I few years ago I went to a day spa where they served all of these different waters with fruit, herbs, etc. floating in them, which made them most tasty without the addition of sugar or artificial flavor, so I am trying a few different combinations of my own, and will share with you the ones I like.  This is an orange-ginger water.  I added the rosemary just for garnish, but when I drank the water in the glass after the pictures, it gave it a nice flavor, so you might want to add rosemary too.

Orange Ginger Water

2 quarts water
1 large orange, sliced
1 inch piece of fresh ginger, chopped

Add all ingredients to a pitcher.  It needs to sit a while to develop the flavor.  I try to make mine at night and let it sit overnight and then try to drink the whole pitcher full throughout the next day.  The water in the pictures had just been made and is mostly clear.  After yours sits overnight, it will be a little murky from the orange and ginger, but don't worry that just makes it taste better.


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From Calculu∫ to Cupcake∫: Trying to Drink More Water - Orange Ginger Water

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Trying to Drink More Water - Orange Ginger Water