Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pumpkin Muffins

Ok, I have been dying to try these.  Yes, I have seen them in numerous places on the web, and yes they are as good as they look, so you should try them too!

Here is the best part.  They have a cream cheese filling, which makes them wonderful!  It also makes them not a quick fix as you have to freeze the cream cheese sugar mixture in a log two hours before baking.  BUT, I did that the night before and made them for breakfast pretty quickly.  Kids and husband alike loved them - even the college child who didn't get to try one until they were several days old.  They also make a lot - 24 is a huge number of muffins for three people, which is why there were some left for the college girl when she came home.

I made mine by adapting this recipe from Annie's Eats.  I only had one can of pumpkin on hand, which left me about a quarter of a cup short, so I added two extra tablespoons of oil to compensate for the lack of moisture, and they turned out great.  Not a good substitution health wise, but it worked for taste.  Also, you won't need all of the topping.  I didn't use it all, and mine were still whitish on top unlike Annie's.  If I had used a little less, I think it would have melted a bit more and been even better.  There are some procedure pics after the break.

Here I have put in the first bit of batter and topped the batter with the cream cheese slices.  You will need to spread the batter around with a spoon a bit to make sure it covers the bottom of the muffin cup.

Again, after you add the batter to the top, spread it around a bit so that the cream cheese is completely enclosed.

Here they are right after I sprinkled the topping on - this is too much, so go lighter.

And, right out of the oven...

Don't forget to let them cool a bit before you eat them because the filling gets really hot.  

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